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At the age of 12, Priscilla joined the school choir, not long hereafter; She embraced music in a way she never thought would be possible. Discovered by a famous French singer “Collette Alliot Lugaz”, she soon introduced Priscilla to her teacher, who took her under her wings and taught her for the next 4 years, the foundation to her art. Searching for new inspiration, She travelled to Japan and then San Francisco. Always driven by her devotion for her art she came to London to study Audio Engineering at SAE College. Struggle and passion compelled her to get involved in different projects such as being covered in black make up, wearing a black wig to be part of Diana Ross and the Supreme tribute band, after only having 3 days rehearsal, doing a 2 hours show,  where she hardly knew the songs. But the highlight of her early days in the music industry was to collaborate with “The Baldhead”. Not only did he increase her range by teaching her old school techniques but he also helped her to find her true voice. In 2004, she set her own label “Powersound”. Her first single ‘Callin’ featuring Omnizien, was (released) distributed by Silverword Music Group affiliated by THE. The track attracted the likes of Steve Sutherland, DJ Wylie from Galaxy FM, and Steve Wayne from Chat fm and many more.  Other Projects include working as a backing Singer and Lead Singer for Lloyd Wade, Re-known Gospel singer who was featured by Take That on their Beautiful Tour and Eliza Doolittle’s Single with “Pack up”.

Priscilla joined forces with Lloyd Wade on the Heal our Land Tour and sang Backing Vocals for his album Launch.

Priscilla has been performing in 5 star hotels across the globe.

She has also released a single “Shine Through” available to order from Itunes and Amazon.

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